Architectural Drafting Services in Perth


Hi-Tech Drafting supply expert Architectural Drafting assistance and Design Services to get your project underway quickly and efficiently. 

Helping you at every step, our experienced architectural drafting team provide drawings that pass cleanly through Council approval processes. Using our experience, we take care of all necessary requirements, ensuring success and gaining approval for you with minimal fuss.

Where additional consultants are required, we can help you with our wealth of reliable local knowledge and experience.

Hi-Tech Drafting Services provide a complete architectural drafting service for all the design documentation required for approvals:

  • Design Sketch / Concepts
  • Planning Drawings
  • Building License / Construction Documentation
  • 3D Perspectives
  • Site Measuring existing houses/structures
  • Assistance with obtaining licenses for Planning Approvals, Building Approvals and Retrospective Approvals
  • Commercial Shop Drawings, Retail and Office Fitouts and Change of Use.
  • Other technical drawings tailored to fit your specific needs

Residential and Commercial Architectural Drafting

  • New Homes (single and multi-storey)
  • Group Dwellings
  • Multiple Dwellings
  • Mixed Use
  • Renovations and/or Additions to your Existing Home
  • Carports/Garages and Patios
  • Granny Flats, Sheds & Outbuildings
  • Commercial Buildings Construction Drawings & Fitout


Our Process

Depending on the type of project, the nature and number of stages may vary but, typically, our architectural drafting process is as follows:


1.   Fee Proposal & Establish Brief

The first stage involves initial discussions to establish a scope of works for the project and establish a brief.

From here a free quote will be provided which will set out the following stages required to complete your project.

A Site visit will be organised if required. Site Survey of the land can be ordered if required.

2.   Design Sketch Stage

Based on the brief, your architectural draftsman can commence with sketch drawings.

Information gathering from your local council on Planning Policies will be put into effect to ensure your project will comply with any Planning Policies.

Design sketch includes simple 3d View and Floorplan/Siteplan.


3.   Planning Approval Stage

A proposal for a single house that meets the 'deemed to comply' provisions of the Residential R-Codes does not usually require planning approval, unless otherwise requested by the local authority.

Similarly, additions that comply with the r-codes may not require Planning Approval and can move straight to Building License Approval Stage.

Generally, Commercial and Development Projects will require planning approval. Plans includes Siteplan, Precalc Plan (if required), Floorplan and Elevations.

4.   Building License Approval Stage

If planning was required, then any conditions can be added to plans. The plans will be detailed further to provide construction plans suitable for application for Building License.

Once the plans have been completed by your draftsman, other consultants required for the approval can be ordered. This complete packages of plans and consultant documents can then be submitted to your local authority for approval, or we can handle this for you.

Generally, the architectural drafting will involve Siteplan, Floorplan, Elevations, Sections, Details and Internal Rooms Layouts.


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