Building Designers, Perth

Our Perth building designers provide professional architectural building plans, shop drawings and fitout plans to suit all your commercial building requirements.

Hi-Tech Drafting is best placed to assist you. With specialised local knowledge, we work as commercial building designers with the Perth council and our own network of local Building Consultants & Professionals every day.

We are experts in architectural drafting services, commercial building plans and Building License Drawings & Approvals and our building draftsman will work with you to advise on customisation options, and make small or large changes to ensure you achieve the desired end results.

We can handle all additional engineering and site consultants for you, i.e. Structural, Civil, Fire, Hydraulic, Acoustic, Building Certifier and Energy Assessor - as required.

Our attention to detail is second to none and we are committed to providing a quality experience and great architectural building plans.

Architectural Building Designers for Unit Developments

Hi-Tech Drafting can prepare all design and drafting documentation for unit developments. Our building draftsman can take your project from initial conceptual design stage right through to submission and council approval of commercial building design plans.

Whether it is a rear Battleaxe subdivision, Grouped Dwellings, Multi-Dwellings or a Mixed Use project, we have the experience and qualified staff to provide the best design solutions.

Taking into consideration all factors, an optimum, responsive building design is produced that will fit the character, neighbourhood and site requirements. It will satisfy client needs, as well as environmental factors such as site slope and limitations, existing trees and adjoining properties. 

Hi-Tech Drafting designs at all times for sustainability in Australian conditions, especially when designing a multi-unit project.

We incorporate our knowledge of local and state government legislation in the design process to help commercial building  plans for the unit development project pass quickly and easily through the planning and approval stages.

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