New Home Design

With so many design aesthetics and house plan styles around, it can be tricky to know which new home design is right for you. Seeing a sketch concept of the design in 3d is usually the best way for you to see how your home will look once built.

Hi-Tech Drafting listens carefully to your requirements for your new house design and contributes our expertise to provide options for you that will plan a home to allow spacious, comfortable living with quality finishes and inclusions at the best value.

We have years of experience designing all sorts of new homes and drafting house building plans, from single storey to multi-level constructions. 

Hi-Tech Drafting know the latest construction technology and materials available, as well as all the rules and regulations for achieving council approval, so are best placed to advise you, going forward.

We have extensive experience with typical brick and tile construction, but also with using modern composite materials i.e. Hebel, SIPS, IPS, Solarspan, Orangeboard, MasterWall, etc. We also understand how to build sustainability for Australian conditions, including incorporation of passive solar design and consideration of all environmental factors.

Working with you to achieve your dream home, our experience in planning at the house design stage will ensure year-round comfort is built-in to in your new home.

Hi-Tech Drafting take great pride in our work, upholding a commitment to excellence. You can trust us to provide the new home design you want, reflecting your lifestyle, tastes and budget.

Home Designs for Additions & Renovations

Extensions, Additions and Renovations can vary in scale and can be limited to the rear of the house or can impact on the street view of the house. So it is important to decide whether to match in with the existing building or to upgrade the existing elevation to tie in with the new additions. Every house is different and Hi-Tech Drafting can help you decide which option is right for you.

Seeing the proposed house plans in 3d is critical to ensure scale and aesthetics are considered, also so that you will know exactly what the finished project will look like.

Garages can easily dominate the visual appearance of a home so its important to factor this into the home design. Especially when adding a garage in front of or to the side of a house - scale, proportion, design and integration must be considered to ensure success.


Patios & Alfresco Spaces
These include any roofed outdoor spaces adjoining a house. We design Architectural Structures or economical Steel or Timber Patios to suit your requirements. 


Decks normally continue an indoor living space to the outside with large sliding or bi-fold doors. Decks can be roofed or unroofed and, depending on their height off the ground, may require balustrading and steps. With smaller or sloping blocks, decks can cause an overlooking issue and may require planning approval and screening to reduce visual impact to neighbouring properties.


Carports are generally add-ons to existing homes and usually end up in front of the house as this is the only space available. Due to the setback requirements, generally a carport is all that is allowed and must be open on all sides. Carports can have significant visual impact and should integrate with the existing house design as much as possible.

Granny flats
A granny flat is an extension that adjoins the main house, or is on the same site. It is a fully self-contained unit, having a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living area and often has a fenced-off yard or area that is separate from the main home. A granny flat is an improvement to the property that can house family or be rented out for extra income.


Other Additions
Constructions can include sheds, outbuildings and any kind of property enhancement. Any enclosure or structure added to a property needs to be considered. Planning permission and house plans required depend on materials used and purpose of use. Each item should be investigated separately for regulatory requirements.

Hi-Tech Drafting can document all of these structures for you with accurate, professional home designs


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